Want to make some $$$?

The dominant story this week has been the Royal Commission but true to form we are going to veer away from that for now in an attempt to provide you with value particular to your needs in this week’s newsletter. (In depth article from our friends from Elite Agent linked at the bottom).

Let’s discuss a local market that is EXTREMELY HOT!


We are blown away with the demand we have had for rentals. Potential tenants are moving sharp and fast on our properties regularly resulting in little or no time between tenants and weekly rental fee’s being pushed up. You can speak directly to one of our landlords if you are seeking feedback on our service.

SO…it’s time to make some $$$. You can REFER A FRIEND who is unhappy with their property manager and needs a fresh approach or you can REFER YOURSELF and receive a special discount. Of course, the bigger the portfolio you plan to move across then the BIGGER THE DISCOUNT.

There are 10 steps involved in changing property manager:


We will handle the other 9…

Thank you for reading!

Special Report: Banking Royal Commission final report demands crackdowns and compensation – Full Article HERE

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Want to make some $$$?