Introducing RITA: Australia's first Digital Employee for Real Estate.

We have just employed RITA (Rita is an acronym: Real estate. Intelligent. Transaction. Assistant.)

– Australia’s first Digital Employee for Real Estate.

Rita’s goal is to empower our team to deliver an exponentially greater level of service to our consumers by reducing the amount of time we spend on screens and encouraging us to build deeper relationships with our local community of contacts.

How does RITA work?

Rita combines three different types of technology to be a Digital Employee for real estate agents.


Automation means that we don’t need to ‘use’ Rita like traditional software. She knows what to do and works for us so we can focus on being an agent.

Artificial Intelligence

Rita’s artificial intelligence, developed exclusively for agents by Aire, connects us to touch the right contacts from your client list / database each day; for the right reasons, and at the right time. Screw cold calling or door knocking.

Data in our CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The data in our CRM is what Rita uses to find the best opportunities for you, a seller or buyer.

“6 Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising The Real Estate Business”

The business of real estate is much more than just location, location and location. It involves a lot of data about buyers, sellers, their finances and preferences, among many others. It only makes sense to leverage the use of a powerful tool of artificial intelligence to make their work easier. This industry has already been exposed to its advantages and are making developments in making a full use of AI to make their work easier, valuable and remunerative.

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Introducing RITA: Australia's first Digital Employee for Real Estate.