Sean Graves

Property Specialist

A little about me

A builder by trade, NGU Real Estate Gold Coast’s Sean Graves understands the true value of the property he sells. His extensive product knowledge is an immense advantage and a pivotal element in his ability to secure top dollar for clients.

Sean’s experience as a real estate agent on the Gold Coast is nearing five years and, in that time, he’s gained a fantastic reputation for being not only highly educated, but proactive and reliable. An integral member of the NGU Real Estate Gold Coast team, Sean’s attitude and work ethic aligns perfectly with the shared vision of directors Edward Smyth and Karen Stewart.

Sean is proud to be a member of NGU Real Estate, believing the arrival of the company on the Gold Coast is exactly what the region needs.“NGU Real Estate is innovative and exciting. Change is good, if you’re not keeping up with the times then you fall behind. NGU pushes the envelope, makes noise and our clients get the best results because we’re at the forefront of change in the industry.”


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